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D-fender is a custom-made Individual Protection Device (IPD) made in tested technical materials, branded with the CE logo pursuant to Italian Law 475/92.

It is manufactured solely by qualified and authorized dental labs such as ours and upon request of the dentist, using Erkodent materials and with a Playsafe method. This makes it a truly professional product.

D-fender is a teeth guard built around individual mouths, so as to ensure the maximum protection and the utmost comfort during sports. It is recommended for all sports.

D-fender is NOT a standard, DIY teeth guard you can buy and plug into your mouth, it is a professional product realized by a qualified dental lab on instruction of a dentist.

General features of the D-fender:

  • Fully made to measure
  • Does not move around in the mouth
  • Enables users to breathe freely
  • Enables talking during games
  • Suitable for use with orthodontic devices/braces
  • Suitable for children, the dentist can adapt it to the specific case
  • Large range of colors, can be customized
  • Fully Made in Italy and non-toxic
  • Clear prices, no surprises, all-inclusive

Available material (Italian only):

D-fender leaflet for the public

D-fender leaflet for dental practices

D-fender pricelist


For further information: D-fender website


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