The Head and owner of Ortodonzia Estense, Stefano Negrini, is a Specialist Dental Technician, registered with the University of L’Aquila.

At an international level, the professional role of Dental Technician is mainly identified as CDT - Certified Dental Technician, or MDT - Master Dental Technician. These definitions refer to the type of diploma received in the Anglo-Saxon or German world. In Italy as well, orthodontics can only be performed by graduates of a specific secondary school with state exams.

A number of important Italian dental associations requested, as a consequence, that Universities provide increased education and specialization through a specifically-designed and structured course. This higher education course lasts one year and provides tuition on medical subjects, taught by doctors or university professors. The course has three main objectives:

  • Deliver an improvement in the role of dental technicians from a cultural viewpoint and provide professional recognition
  • Improve dialogue between the prescribing physician and the technician who creates the customized medical device
  • Offer increased guarantees to the patient

Dental associations that were involved registered the SDT - Specialist Dental Technician brand, which only identifies graduates from the course.


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